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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  February 7, 2017 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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its awfulhumbles youscared me to deathtrees down, houses crushed.all over the bay area, roads and highways shut down by floods and mudslides. stories of narrow escapes ...i was trying to get out before more came down on me.a river of rain sends reservoirs and creeks over their banks ... with more rain on the way, brttney a storm dumps several inches of rain on the bay area. bringing with it a slew of new problems. thank you for joining us i'm pam moore. and i'm steve aveson. destructive landslides, powerful flooding, downed trees, and rising rivers. as wet weather sweeps through again... tonight we have team coverage on the storm. kron-4's chief meteorlogist brittney shipp is tracking the next round of rain. and spencer blake is following the impact on schools. as alecia reid tracks the rising russian river in guerneville. but first we go to charles in san rafael where a landslide wiped out a home
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around 8 in the morning on tuesday, the san rafael fire department responded here to mountain view avenue on reports of a tree that was about to fall. upon arrival they discovered that a mudslide had completely destroyed this home.the slide apparently happened slowly over several hours and the family that lives in the house was able to get out safely. neighbors passing by through out the day were stunned.sot it's unbelievable. it humbles yah.sotit's devastatingsot houses can be rebuilt. there just glass and wood and stuff. soti'm just glad everyone is addition to destroying
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this home, the mudslide also continues to threaten the homes on either side. both have been red tagged by the city and are considered uninhabitable. one home has already suffered some damage and the other has several feet of mud in the back yard. tonight three out of four lanes of highway 17 are closed...after a massive land- slide came screaming down the mountiain...flipping one man's pick-up truck. grant lodes is tracking the situation in the santa cruz mountains...gra nt. one southbound lane opened around 6:00 tonight...after that enourmous landslide could have killed someone this morning. the three other lanes of 17 are still closed and it's not clear when they will be open to traffic. the man who's lucky to be here tonight...arne huddin, of capitola. he says all that
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dirt and rock plowed into his pick-up a runaway train....lifting his truck like a toy and tossing it over the center divider...and into the southbound lanes. huddin was trapped for about ten agonizing minutes, as rocks and debris fell around him. by the time people stopped to help he had crawled out on his own, bloodying his hands in the escape. the slide is the same one that crushed a news van last month. it's now twice as big and still moving.
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the northbound lanes will be closed for a least 24 hours....until caltrans can assess the potential for the earth to keep moving. during the closure...traffic in each direction will share the southbound lanes. and by the way...there were other, smaller slides and a lot of flooding elsewhere on highway 17. kron four's jeff bush is live tonight in the santa cruz mountainsjeff, how's it going out there. grant, the southbound direction is openbut only one lane is availablewhich means slow going for drivers on their way to santa cruz. the northbound direction is still closed at vine hill road and is expected to remain that way throughout the night. cal trans crews are hard at work with their heavy duty excavatorsclearing the mud slide off the roadway one scoop at a time. big trucks are lined up to take the mud
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and rocks away while chp keeps a close eye on the situation. officers say mud slides like this can be expected whenever there is a large rain event like the one last night. crista drakecalifornia highway patrol cal trans says they are hoping to get at least one north bound lane open by the morning commutedrivers can expect more lane closures throughout the week while they get the hill side shored up.back to you in the studio. in the north bay...highway 37 is yet again closed because of flooding. the heavy rain last night and this morning has left much of
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sonoma county highway submerged. this is video from quad copter 4... both directions of highway 37 are closed between atherton avenue and highway 101. the c-h-p says the water overflow is coming from the nearby novato creek. at last word - there was no estimate on when it might reopen... unfortunately the problems we are seeing could persist... since the rain is not over yet. let's check in with kron-4's chief meteorologist who is tracking when the rain will retrun
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more rain for rest of the week. heavy on thursday roads and highways were not the only things closed today because of the rain - schools all over marin county were closed too. kron four's spencer blake is live at one of those schools in larkspur tonight.what did
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you find as you went from school to school? along with flooded areas from the morning rain, i also ran into several students who were happy to have an unexpected day off. the empty parking lot at tamalpais high school almost made it look like a saturday. though tam high was one of 27 schools in marin county that canceled classes, keeley lanigan had already started walking to it."there was all these puddles and i got super wet. but yeah, it was raining really hard and there was flooding."a snapped sapling in front of campus was evidence of the wind, and the wood chips on the sidewalk show how high the water rose.most of it receded by the afternoon, but there were still some lanes that were too dangerous to drive in.over in larkspur, this group of kids went to school play basketball."it was on snapchat. i just saw a few people like video taping it from over here. it was getting like really high from the
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tippy top."he's talking about the corte madera creek, just yards from kent middle school. it had risen at least up to this walking trail early tuesday when students heard the news."i was happy and justi don't know. happy.did you have a test or anything that you got out of today? yeah, i had a quiz for spanish that i got out of.""and at redwood high school in larkspur it's even more obvious why they had to cancel classes; check out the water all the way up to the bleachers on the softball field."perhaps a foot of water filled the fan zone.look how drastically it drenched the diamond."honestly, i'm not surprised. this school always floods."public works even blocked off the parking lotwhere the nearby marsh had spilled over. "most people were already at school when they said no school today, so it was kind of funny."it may not be as funny wednesdaywhen classes are expected to be back in session. thursday could be another flood-filled day, so the marin county superintendent of schools and the office of emergency services will coordinate on wednesday see if the forecast calls for more canceled in larkspur, spencer blake, kron
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four news. all eyes on the russian is notorious for flooding when big storms hit...and tonight may be no different.kron 4's alecia reid is live in guerneville where the river is on the rise tonight... alecia?
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ahead at eight.. flooding becomes so intense... it traps a driver on the highway. the storm
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causing damage and stirring emotions. as a homeowner talks about a downed tree on the property he's lived on for decades. rising creek waters triggering an evacuation order for apartments on the peninsula.
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east palo alto was under flood warning for most of the day and a large condo complex was put under a voluntary evacuation because of how close it sits to the "san francisquito" creek that has swelled up higher than it has in years. kron 4's gabe slate is on the scene where the city jumped into action to prevent major flooding on nearby highway 101 i'm on west bayshore road near hwy 101 and the university avenue exitcheck out this giant pile of debris.this is trees, branches, bushes.. trash and this pile was about twice this size a couple hours ago.. a big dump truck came
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and loaded half of it and drove off.. all this stuff was stuck over here in the creek creating a damn they were'nt sure they would be able to clear it so they asked the residents of the woodland creek condominium complex that sits right behind us here to evacuate. the creek looks much better now the level has receded.. but take a look at how it almost did flood and the tool they used to prevent flooding. branch after branch floated down the san fran qeet toe creek in east palo alto until it they could not go any further. mother nature was making a damn here at west bayshore road and the hwy 101 bridge.. taking advantage of the cities trash rack.. assistant city manager sean charpentier explains what
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that is. sot - sean look at how close this creek and the overflowing situation is to highway 101 southbound near the university exit sot - sean they are hustleling to fix this so the creek won't spill over onto 101 and shut it down creating an epic commute nightmare.some residence stayed thruogh the volutary evacuation others were not taking the chance sot - haily behind the complex down the road at the newell road bridge the locals were shocked to see how high the creek got so fast. i ran into len materman who was there to measure the creek, he is with the san fran cis qeet toe joint powers authority they issue the local flood watches and warnings.. sot len - "since 1931" the creek here the creek here never did over
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flow. highway 101 was saved the complex did not have any water from the creek reach it their plan worked this is one where man beat nature..or man and a giant excavator machine. they are going to continue to monitor the creek here but they don't expect anymore flooding danger until it rains harder on thursday. in east palo alto gabe slate kron 4 news.
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toss weather
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we brought it to you live here on kron-4. a water rescue in wine country .... trapping not one, but three cars. floodwaters making for some dangerous conditions where highway 121 meets route 12 sonoma. grant lodes is here now... and grant these problems occured all day. the north bay took beating this morning... rain falling so quickly.....really no place for it go.
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two cars were stranded highway 121 and route 12. if you were with us about 11 hours saw that live rescue on the kron-4 morning news at 9. but the problems didn't stop there. a u=p-s truck also got stuck. firefighters tried to tether it out but the c=h-p ended up pushing the truck out instead. c-h-p says when you look at standing water in the road it might not look that deep...until you're in it. by that time it may be too late. you're car could stall or flood. so it's best to follow signs and not try to drive through water on roadways. the east bay got his hard as well... leaving a path of destruction.... including a large tree that came crashing down -- blocking access to a street in a quiet neighborhood. the
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tree was on the property of a man who's lived there for more than 40-years.. and as kron-4's haaziq madyun tells us .... it was an emotional moment for him. "it's a shame that i lose that old guy"it is with great sadness that earl heaps gazes upon this massive oak tree on his property here at the corner of alhambra way and tahoe street in martinez. the oak came down during the storm tuesday morning and completely blocked tahoe street...very fortuitus because if the tree fell in the other direction... "it would have taken my house out, that trunk alone is probably 50-tons, it's probably 2 or 300 years old, it was this big when i moved in here back in the 70's"mr. heaps describes the nerve shattering sound of the tree when the tree uprooted"i thought a plane had crashed in the back. then i thought that this big oak tree fell, well anyway, it scared the hell out
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of me"it shocked his neighbors too. this is the view they have of the tree from the other side of tahoe street "well i am just glad that nobody was hurt, hopefully nobody's car was under it at the time, we lost power for a few hours but that wasn't too bad but this is just quite sad, there is a lot of history there"nobody knows that more then mr. heaps"yeah...too bad" there was no one was injured and no vehicles damaged when the tree came down. in martinez haaziq madyun kron4news new ahead at 8. a normally quiet dog....then all of sudden he started barking. alerting people to a serious medical emergency. plus. a federal court panel hears arguments on the president's travel ban. when a decision is expected to be made.
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here's what we're tracking tonight at ten...heroin hits home...the number of teens using the drug is on the rise. tonight at a bay area mother struggling to help her son kick the habit.her warning to other parents...tonight on kron 4 news at ten.
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bart service has been stalled in richmond.. because a person was hit and killed by a train. it happened between the richmond and el cerrito del norte stations, just before six this evening. trains are not travelling
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between the two stations at this hour.. we are told the county coronor is on the scene. a bus bridge has been setup to run between the north berkeley and richmond stations. it is a case that could eventually go to the u.s. supreme court. but today it played out in a federal court here in san francisco. three appeals court judges heard arguments over president trump's travel ban. the justices grilled a justice department lawyers on whether the ban was intended to discriminate againt muslims. the court says it will decide as soon as possible if a lower court stay of the executive order will remain in effect. trouble on the road in one peninsula city.. ahead at eight.. why it could take months to fix the damage along highway- 84. mudslides, downed trees and flooding. napa county
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slammed by the storm... we show you some of the hardest hit areas.
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flooded roads, trapped drivers and rising rivers. the latest storm packing a punch and dropping inches of new rain in the bay area. and it's not over yet. kron-4's chief meteorologist brittney shipp is tracking when the next round is expected to get here. more rain for rest of the week. heavy on thursday
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it has been a wet and wild day for anyone trying to get around on the peninsula today. kron4's maureen kelly gives us an upclose look at some major traffic distruptions on highway- 84 in woodside. rain loosened rocks....and some big boulders came down onto highway 84 east of skyline blvd this morning.....closing off the westbound lane to traffic....and the trouble is....this was the good side of this section....the east bound side has been closed for weeks....check out the cracks in the ashplat....the ground beneath it is washing out.... this situation made worse when this stand of six redwoods fell last week....see this was a monitor put into this same section of the road back in 2006 when there was a similar's not supposed to be sticking means the road has slipped six inches.standupthe crews out here think they should have this slide cleaned up and westbound 84 back open sometime by wedneday afternoon they are hopingbut the job to
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reopen eastbound 84 could take six months.but this isn't the only spot where there's trouble on this road.....which below the slide is only open to locals starting from portola road...for good reason.....since there are little slides.....all over causing hazards for motorists. this one apparently took a young tree down with it, the force of teh slide, snapping it some of the newer residents are surprised to be dealing with rural problems so close to the civilization of silicon valley.a few weeks ago we had a power outage that lasted 4 days and then a tree fell and broke our water main so we didn't have water for four days.the road problems are more managable, we are glad to have power and water...i hope it stays that way.but at least 65 people who live around hwy 84 west of skyline blvd did have their power knocked out....for a chunk of the day.....when a power pole came down......another casuality of the storm.maureen kelly kron4 news. in the north bay... several roads are closed in napa county after downed trees and mud... made a mess .
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this mudslide covered several hundred feet along redwood road. county workers say, this slide happened at around 4-this morning. no one was injured. but roughly a thousand- people have lost power because of it. crews say... such a massive mudslude could take a few days to clean up. picking that another tree fell on power lines further north in st. helena. this giant pine tree has caused a major power outage in that area as well. rain totals in napa county were just about 3-inches. all that wet weather caused a closure of several roads because of flooding. some of them - including big ranch road at oak knoll avenue -which reopened by early afternoon.
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we got an e-mail from a viewer with a rainy weather concern.. saying "i am concerned about how many folks drive in the pouring rain with windshield wipers on...and no lights -- which i consider dangerous...i think this needs to be stopped. coincidentally - our very own stanley roberts noticed the same thing and filed this report i'm driving on highway 101 in san francisco, in front of me a caltrans truck nats: ambiancethe operator of this state owned truck is ignoring state law despite the fact caltrans post the law on highway message boards which law is that? well when it rains and you have your windshield wipers activated you must turn on your lights nats: ambiancenow i'm going to clear up a few myths related to headlights and wipers,
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because there are a lot of people who think any light on the car turned on meets state law first off you need your headlights on, not your parking lights, not your running lights, not your blinkers in other words your tail and head lights are required to be on .. in the day as well as nighttime nats: ambiance the lights are not so you can see better, because if it did .these drivers would have notice the keep clear sign painted on the street the lights don't make you stop for red lights, if that were the case this driver wouldn't have ran the left turn arrow and went straight whenever it rains, i get emails from viewers asking me to do segments on drivers who refuse to follow state law. it's much a common sense it's to make you more visible nats: ambiance some cars actually blend in the inclement weather and are hard to see . so when your lights are on you make it safe for everyone you can be pulled over and ticketed for not turning on your headlights when you activate your
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windshield wipers .. here is something that might catch your attention, not having your lights on is a moving violation which carrys one point the fine is thirty five dollars but after all the penalties are attached it jumps to 238 dollars .. nats: ambiance all it takes is a stretch of the arm to turn on the light switch or a stoke of the pen to press hard for the ticket book . you choose riding around the bay in the rain looking at all these cars ignoring the law stanley roberts kron 4 news still ahead at 8. a spike in flu cases.... who is being hit especially hard by the illness plus. a not so sweet problem for one family....they're seeing honey drip from the walls of their home. and next. a typically calm dog starts barking like crazy.... how the reaction helped save someone's life. my name is valerie decker and i'm a troubleman for pg&e. i am a first responder to emergencies 24 hours a day, everyday of the year. my children and my family are on my mind
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when i'm working all the time. my neighbors are here, my friends and family live here, so it's important for me to respond as quickly as possible and get the power back on. it's an amazing feeling turning those lights back on. be informed about outages in your area. sign up for outage alerts at together, we're building a better california. [crying] ahhhhhhhhhh! the price you see is the price you pay, unlike cable.
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[crying] ahhhhhhhhhh! the price you see is the price you pay, unlike cable. an iowa woman is crediting her neighbor's
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courageous canine with saving her life. marcia allen was in her backyard last month when she suddenly collapsed. allen was unable to get upor call for help. she was having a stroke. that's when mack, the neighbor's black lab ... came to the rescue. he was just minding his business outside when he noticed allen lying in her yard. the 7-year- old lab... usually a very chill and quiet canine. started barking up a storm. and would not quit. allen was taken to the hospital... and has made a full recovery. and mack the black lab... has now taken on the name "wonderdog".. flu activity is rising in more than a dozen regions in the u-s. the c-d-c says... 51 out of 54 states and territories are experiencing elevated levels
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of the flu. the virus has been associated with 15 pediatric deaths -- seven of those reported in the week ending january 28-th alone symptoms include a fever or chills, headache, soreness and a feeling of lethargy or fatigue. health officials say it's not too late to get the flu vaccine for you and to keep others from contracting the virus, as well. a texas woman says.. the walls of her home are oozing with honey. and she can do nothing about it. it's something that sounds like a bad horror film.. but it is really happening to a woman who lives...with a colony of honey bees. when you enter this woman's house you cannot help but notice long drips of honey from the ceiling to the floors. she says it's all because of a huge honeybee infestation in her roof. first, roofers plugged up a hole where bees had been going in and out. then crews smoked-out about 50-thousand
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bees....but it didn't work. they were unable to get the queen bee. because honey bees were added to the national endangered species list last year... killing the insects is out of the question. now the homeowner is left to clean up puddles of honey from her floors and walls until another solution can be found. in sports... draymond green gives the inside story behind his argument with treammate kevin durant... who is set to return to an even more hostile environment saturday in oklahoma city...... and tom brady enjoys his fifth super bowl parade... gary has the highlights, brady's address to the boston fans... and all the sports... coming up ♪
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groom.these days it's all about the least according to a survey from the knot, a wedding planning service.last year the average wedding had 141 guests.that's fewer attendees than seven years ago.but couples spent way more.on average 245 dollars per guest last year.up from 194 bucks in the same time frame spending on entertainment has more than can thank things like photobooths -- fireworks -- and cigar bars.also many couples have wedding bands and d-js to keep the party going. all those extras plus flowers -- the dress -- and the big spender -- the venue -- push the budget.the knot says the
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average cost of a wedding climbed to more than 35 thousand dollars last year. that's a record high.and most couples surveyed say they went over budget.parents still pick up at least part of the tab -- a traditional aspect of the modern wedding. sharkies in buffalo taking on the sabresbrent burns and his beard have fans even in buffalo3rd period/ 3-1 sharks burns sets up the olympian joe pavelski on the one- timer sharks rolling 4-1later in the 3rd/ 4-3 sharkssabres 3-on-2 break kyle okposo
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puts it in the back of the net sabres score 3 goals in less than 3 = minutes 4-4 tie overtimesabres 2-on-1 break and evander kane turn on the red light falling down to win it! final: 5-4 sabres sabres are 17-1-1 at home vs the sharks all-time the patriots had their 5th super bowl parade today hundreds of thousands braved
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snowy weather to line the parade route through boston robert kraft held the lombardi trophy on one of those duck boatsone coach's young son enjoyed the ride shirtlesstom brady's 7- year-old son ben was "dabbing" thoughout the festivitiesand rob gronkowski he didn't play in the super bowl due to injury but that didn't stop him on stage as he grabbed all five lombardi trophies almost dropping them at one pointbut it was brady who got the biggest cheers when he addressed the crowd the warriors back at work todayafter what steve kerr called one of their worst
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games of the season in their loss to the kings on saturday steph curry the nba's western conference player of the month draymond green more on him in a minuteand kevin durant who will return to oklahoma city saturday night for the first time since leaving the thunder aftyer 9 seasons to join the warriorskerr talked today about what durant may face as far as the hostile reception in o-k-c saturday night in the warriors loss to the kings during a timeout draymond green really got in kevin durant's face a few of "f--- you's" were shouted back and forth bertween both players today green admitted he did it on purpose to try and "rile
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up" durant who scored a season-low 10 points green could be seen smiling and winking at teammates after the altercationtoday draymond talked about the incident warriors season tickets are going to be a tad pricier next year. according to an espn report, the team is increasing season tickets 15-to-25 percent. that means it'll cost at least 40- dollars for a cheap seat... and anything courtside will be at least 715- dollars. the warriors have
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one of the longest active sellout nba.
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to notice all the cones when you came though ok you did why did you drive around them ..oh those pesky vehicle navigation systems .. sometimes being a follower can land you in trouble i'll explain in the next edition of people behaving badly the x-files is nextthen we're back at 10:00 ... with all the day's big stories..also - gary's sports and your four-zone weather forecast. kron 4 news at ten... right here on the bay area's news station.
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last weather and goodbye
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